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Campus Life


The Treasure House of Knowledge

  The Library has meticulously created a modern and comfortable reading area that provides students with adequate learning resources and reading environment. It has the latest facilities featuring RFID self-service open shelf browsing, automatic check-in system and wireless network which covers the whole library.

  As for space layout, the Library has a spacious, well-lit reading room, a multipurpose briefing room, a cataloging room, an art and literature corridor, an audiovisual room and a discussion room. In addition, there is a special treasury of Siku Quanshu, which represents an important feature of the Library’s collection.

  In collaboration with Far EasTone Telecom-munications, the Library has incorporated mes-sage service into its automatic library system, providing thorough “M Service” like text message expiration notice and cell phone renewal, instant video streaming through mobile network and VOD services for cell phones and PDA’s.
Information-based Campus

  With the “Portal” as the one integrated information gateway, the School offers students a well-functioning E-Platform. We have devoted ourselves to developing a curriculum mapping system that, together with the OIT benchmark learning portfolio, helps students to locate their route of studies and compile a complete record, giving them an important reference for career development and a competitive future.

Club Activities

  At this School we value professional knowledge as much as positive life attitude. Students are encouraged to form autonomous, academic, recreational, athletic, and service clubs and to organize a variety of activities like member recruiting fair, student autonomy workshop, school jubilee celebration, intercollegiate activities, technical activities and ballgames of all sorts. Students also take part in community services; they provide guidance to junior high school and elementary school clubs and offer summer and winter camps at places with limited educational resources. We hope that, through these mind-challenging, passionate, lively activities and social services, our students will develop multi-intelligence, team spirit and innovative charisma.

The sky is the limit

  To achieve our goals—“internationaliza-tion”—we strongly encourage our teachers and students to acquire international certificates and to participate in international competitions, exhibitions and internship programs. Besides, we also promote academic exchanges and international collaboration to strengthen our research capabilities and global competitive-ness.

Academic Exchanges

  The universities and institutions with which we have signed memoranda include Deakin University and RMIT University of Australia; Nagoya Zokei University, Art & Design Center at Nagoya Zokei University and Antenna Laboratory at Chiba University of Japan; Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunications and Harbin Engineering University of China; East Asia School of Business of Singapore; Kolej Disted-Stamford College of Malaysia, etc.
International Collaboration

  Since 2006, we have been sending students to Malaysian institutions through our “Overseas Study Tour” program to enhance their foreign language proficiency, practice experience and to help them develop global view. The present overseas companies and institutions include Malaysia’s Pan-International, Pentamaster, ASE Global, Loh & Loh Architects, EngTek, Penang Adventist Hospital, Timur P.A. Pipe Industry Sdn Bhd, Dufu Technology Corp. Bhd, Mini Circuits, Silver Jubilee, and Far-East Apparel (Suzhou) Ltd., Far Eastern Dyeing & Finishing (Suzhou) Ltd., etc.

International Competition

  In recent years we have been encouraging our teachers and students to take part in international competitions. Listed below are some invention fairs in which we have gained prizes: i’NOV (France), iENA (Germany), ITEX (Malaysia), Concours Lepine (France), and SIIF (South Korea).