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Teaching Excellence & Establishing Characteristic
  The Oriental Institute of Technology (OIT) strives for an innovative, holistic and an open educational philosophy in order to establish quality teaching. Our educational philosophy strengthens and nurtures OIT students with skills, knowledge and community awareness.
Building Curriculum Maps
  In order to assist students to learn effectively, OIT builds curriculum maps or “Learning Orientation GPS”, a learning navigation platform to guide our students in their higher education. The “Learning Orientation GPS” allows student to identify where they are at present with their education where they want to be in the future. With the help of the learning navigation platform, students set their objectives, learn actively and create a self-fulfilling life.    

Constructing a Distinctive Learning Process 

  In order to foster key industry professionals, OIT holds a variety of career building activities. These activities include regular industry talks; and a structured Professional Module course to strengthen our student’s professional capacity. The course constructs a distinctive learning process, and encourages students to take interdisciplinary elective courses. OIT also strengthens students’ practical experience through business internships for the purpose of cultivating professionals in the field of Information, Communications, Health Care and in the creative, innovative and enterprising industries. 

Innovative Teaching and Learning 

  To foster students’ creativity, boost soft power like cultural deposits and build a creative campus, OIT promotes and deepens service learning, counseling knowledge and behavioral training, with the aim of shaping students to develop community awareness. OIT also advocates for collaboration between professional and general education. Through the “Professional and General Education Teachers’ Seminar” emphasis is placed on the development of a community awareness for our Professional Education teachers. In addition, the Seminar and collaborative opportunities enriches the curriculum for General Education teachers. Moreover, OIT is actively constructing a ‘General Navigation’ feature implementing general education reforms, encouraging teachers to apply multiple and innovative teaching methods such as PBL (Problem- based Learning) and AL(Action Learning), so as to advance the depth and breadth of student learning. 

Strengthening English Proficiency 

  To enhance the English proficiency of students before starting their first college semester, OIT organizes ‘Summer English Workshops’ for freshmen students to help them prepare basic English ability. All departments are actively integrating professional and general English into their curriculum. In addition, OIT has established an ‘English Competency Requirements for Graduation’, offers varied TOEIC classes, and an ‘English Reading Corner’ to encourage independent learning and increase employability of our students.
Enhancing Civic Literacy 

  To enable students to experience diverse cultures and enhance civic literacy, the General Education Center holds regular activities such as seminars, talks with invited experts and ‘Cultural Tours’ to inspire and provide a different form of learning. To foster cultural creativity within both our students and teachers, visits to cultural sites and participation in art activities are highly encouraged. Additionally, the library has created a space for ‘Local Arts Masters’ to display their artistic works, play related videos, and hold seminars to broaden students’ horizons of diverse art forms. 

Improving Reading and Writing Ability 

  In order to improve the students’ reading and writing ability, the General Education Center integrates professional and general education to deepen the basis of student learning, provides related reading courses, and holds guided reading lectures such as ‘Reading Salon’ to enhance students’ interest in reading, stimulate their thinking and writing skills. The General Education Center also runs an art exhibition to share students’ learning outcomes within the arts and humanities at the end of each semester. 

Encouraging Independent Learning 

  In order to open multiple learning channels, OIT makes use of teaching, self- learning materials, group activities, professional seminars, to enhance students’ learning ability and to foster a positive and responsible attitude amongst our students. Students can take advantage of the self directed learning environment, the online learning system, diverse materials to establish a network of learning. The college, at the same time, encourages students to set an ‘Independent Study Program’ to enhance students’ learning and growth group work.

Set Teaching Assistant Counseling 

  In order to assist the learning gap between students and strengthen the basic capacity of students, The Education Promotion Center employs and trains teaching assistants (TA) to provide students with additional tutoring and academic advisory services. The General Education Center also hires doctoral students from Chinese Institute across different universities as teaching assistants to guide students to improve their writing organization and expression. 

Implementing Warning&Guidance System 

  The Education Promotion Center implements an early warning system at the beginning and middle of each semester to assist students who have not successfully completed half courses. A preliminary meeting is initiated and following, counseling with the instructor is offered to the student. The case may be referred to relevant agencies to further assist in resolving the matter. This system is effective because it seeks to identify the situation early and thus reduce the likelihood of students dropping out if the problem is addressed with sufficient time.